playing your opponents' cards

After learning how to master playing the cards dealt to you, the next step is to learn how to play the cards of your opponents. This is known as learning how to read your opponents and it is an invaluable skill for poker players. Being able to read your opponent gives you information on the hand that they have. From things like how long it takes players to call to their betting tendencies, all of this information goes into figuring out what hand your opponent is holding. In fact, some pros have become so good at reading people that they can often say exactly what hand their opponent is holding. The first step to being able to read an opponent is to play with them and get a feel for how they play. Are they very aggressive or more conservative? Do they like to bluff a lot or do they always have the goods? Watching how your opponents play will lead to you being able to have a good idea what they hold in their hand.. Practice this technique against other real players in online poker rooms for free. Choose from hundreds of bonus options at Quatro Casino, brought to you by the gambling site